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Medical Transcription
The economical stipulations of many clinics and hospitals necessitate the use of outsourcing medical transcription services. Many medical professionals do not have the time or the expertise needed to complete the task of patient information management system. They use medical transcription services to complete the job.
RSB uses secure networked medical transcription and document routing with advanced auditing process for the dictation of speech files and documents are returned in pre defined format. These documents are ready to print or insert into your electronic medical record.
RSB should be the logical choice for medical professionals for seeking medical transcription services for the following main reasons:

HIPAA compliant processes ensure your data security
Our professionals work through the night to provide quality output first thing in the morning.
Our highly qualified personnel provide the highest quality services at the lowest cost
State-of-the-art Equipments

MT We have a highly qualified, trained and experienced Medical Transcriptionist team.
Cardiology,Radiology,Psychiatry,Orthopedic,Family Practice Ability to deal with dictations of all specialties.
High Quality and Accuracy Accuracy of the medical records is of paramount importance to us and a very strict Quality Control Department ensures that files reach back to the doctor's office with accuracy of 99.8% and more.
MT Our operations are totally HIPAA compliant. Every employee is made to sign the confidentiality agreement to ensure the security of the medical records.
Rapid Turnaround Time Ability to Provide Dictations by the begining of next Business Day.
Rapid Turnaround Time Ability to Handle Analog and Digital Files.