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RSB CRM Features

Printable Reports & Export facility

RSB CRM is empowered with features of printable reports and export facility which together facilitate the users to evaluate performance of their overall business, sales teams and products / services over a period of time. This is achieved by generating different views of data available within the software through customizable view facility present in the software, these views can now be printed with the help of the ' Export to Excel' and 'Printable Reports' facilities provided in the software. 

Campaign facility

RSB CRM solution makes your marketing and sales force automation easy and efficient with an integrated email campaign facility. RSB CRM allows mass mailings to all or select category of customers using custom templates created in your email client. User can also compose mass mails from RSB CRM without making use of email templates.

Customizable Views

Users can create views depending on their requirements for leads as well as for campaigns. Views can be customized in the following ways:
Users can select fields that are to be displayed from the available list
of fields.
Users can apply filters on each field by setting conditions.

Applying Quick Filters

After applying filters using customizable view, RSB CRM solution also provides additional quick filters using combo box on selected columns like category, status, primary owner and sales stage. Filters can also be set for viewing select number of leads on one page.

View summary of latest interaction

RSB CRM allows you to view summary of all interactions corresponding to a lead in the detail page. By clicking on the more link, you can go on to view the entire interaction

Task/Reminder management

With RSB CRM, you can manage Task. It can be assigned to different executives and the pending tasks for an executive for a particular lead can also be identified. Also one executive can assign a task to another member of the team.

Sales Target vs Achievements

With RSB CRM, you can assign sales Target to Sales Executive. Package will display latest achievements vs Targets.

Tour Request

RSB CRM's has the facility to add tour request for approvals.

User friendly interface

RSB CRM's intuitive and user-friendly interface is designed for average users to handle routine tasks without the need of an administrator.

Data integrity and security

With MSSql as its back-end, RSB CRM inherits the powerful data integrity and security features in MSSql.

Web Based Solution

We provide you the facility of hosting RSB CRM on a web server, meaning that the CRM software can be made accessible to the sales force at any location where internet is available.

Company backed project

RSB CRM is an Open Source project fully backed by a professional company - RSB Software Ltd. We have a dedicated team of developers working to improve the software with community support.