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RSB BOL is an online package to handle shipping transactions from Carting to Docking, including Bill Of Lading (BOL or B/L) generation, Invoice generation, Tracking, Cargo Handling Package & Container Management. You can generate Invoice, B/L, Certificate Of Origin, Cargo Manifest, Packaging List, Shipped on Board, Generalised System of Preferrences (GSP), Sailing Certificate, Cargo Status Report, Stuffing Report, Carting report, Debit Note, Line Debit note etc.
Salient Features
 RSB BOL Anywhere, Anytime Access.
 RSB BOL No special hardware needed.

 RSB BOL Will run on any machine and in any environment.

 RSB BOL Infinite number of users for a single account.

 RSB BOL Master databse of customers, agents, ports etc to avoid data re-entry

 RSB BOL Customized Reports.

 RSB BOL Automatic Free Updates.  

 RSB BOL Cheap.
To try the application please visit RSB BOL and log in using the test accounts given below or register as a new user and try the complete package during the 15 day trial period
User Name --> neeraj
Password --> neeraj
User Name --> nitin
Password --> nitin
User Name --> puneetfwd
Password --> puneetfwd
User Name --> cosmo
Password --> cosmo